Azure Cloud Platform

Azure Resource Manager

The infrastructure of applications is made up of components like,

  • Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Network
  • Database
  • Database server
  • 3 party service etc.

These components are not seen as separate identities rather it is viewed as related and independent parts of an entity. Their deployment, management, and monitoring are done as a group. Azure Resource Manager gives you an option to work with resources in a development solution as a group. Using a single integrated operation you can deploy, delete or update all the resources from your solution. A template is provided for deployment and this template also works for other environments like testing, production, and staging. Once the resource is deployed, features like security, tagging, and auditing are managed by Azure Resource Manager.


  • An operation like deployment, management, and monitoring of resource for a solution is done as a group. Resources are not handled individually.
  • Your solutions can be deployed repeatedly in every step of the development process such that resource is being deployed in a consistent state.
  • You don't need the script to manage your infrastructure rather you're provided a declarative template.
  • Resources can be deployed in the correct order by defining dependencies between them.
  • To have access control between all services in a resource group, Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is linked into your management platform.
  • To logically organize resources in subscriptions you can apply tags.
  • Cost of resource in your organization can be clarified by viewing the cost of the group of resources under the same tag.

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