Azure Cloud Platform

Azure Mobile app

Azure Mobile App service provides mobile app development platform for developers and system integrators which is globally available and highly scalable.

Things you can do with Mobile App :

  • The cross-platform and native app can be built. You can use native SDKs which are present in App Service when you're developing a native Windows, Android, and iOS app or going to build cross-platform Cordova or Xamarin app.
  • You can connect your enterprise system using Mobile Apps feature and get a corporate sign-in. You can also connect your on-premises and cloud resources of the enterprise.
  • By the help of data synchronization, you can build an offline app.
  • Your millions of customers can get the notification in seconds on any device. Notification can be sent according to there needs or when the time is right.


  • Authenticate and Authorise - You can select from numerous identity provider platform such as Facebook, Twitter etc. SDK can be integrated such that identity providers get specific functionality.
  • Accessing the data - A mobile-friendly OData v3 data source is provided with Mobile Apps which is connected to Azure SQL Database or SQL server which is on-premises.
  • Synchronise offline - Robust and responsive apps are made easily using client SDKs which operates with the offline dataset. You can easily sync offline dataset automatically with backend data.

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